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The two very important things in business today are Time & Money. Let CORNUBIA KITCHENS help with both, by not only saving you time by cutting, drilling, edging and assembling (if applicable), but also supplying it at a great price. Setting up a cabinet and making it operable can be a costly exercise today, with the price of CNC machines, panel saws, edge banders, software and then the factory to put it all in. Spend more time helping your loved ones or your business by letting us take care of some of the workload. Or maybe you’re a large company that just needs help with a back-log of work. All our flat pack kitchens and cabinets are made here in Queensland using Australian board and we only use the highest quality hardware.

Whether it is a new home or just a need to freshen up the look of your existing kitchen, flat pack kitchens are an excellent option. Not only are the cut to size cabinets affordable, but they are also highly customizable, so you can achieve the exact look for your kitchen that you desire.
CORNUBIA KITCHENS Brisbane supplies to you all the parts in a box for easy transportation. They are ready for you to put together or our experts will take care of the assembling and fitting. Whatever it is we work strictly according to our customers demands.Email us today to discuss our trade discounts.
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