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What makes a kitchen makeover different from a kitchen renovation? The time and cost involved! Makeovers differ from kitchen renovations in a way that, instead of pulling out old cabinetry and placing new units in, kitchen makeovers utilize existing cabinetry. If your existing cabinets are in relatively good condition and you’re happy with the layout, we’ll install new doors, bench tops, hardware and other cosmetic components to revitalize the existing cabinet carcasses. If your kitchen cabinet is even, has no warping or twisting and has no structural damage then we can most certainly perform a kitchen makeover.

Often, some of our customers might report one set of cabinets that seem to be in bad condition. In these instances, we can usually replicate the cabinetry and replace just the damaged sections, using the existing cabinet carcasses elsewhere. For example, kitchen sink cabinets are usually a bit beaten up after a decade of family use, and we might need to replace some of the cabinet structure there to ensure it lasts for many more years to come.
We can also utilize existing cabinetry and install new cabinetry nearby, e.g. converting an entirely wall-mounted kitchen to an open kitchen design with new cabinets opposing the existing wall-mounted ones. Your possibilities are endless! Completely revitalize a dated kitchen with new hardware internals and cosmetic appeal without needing to tear the whole kitchen out and start from scratch.
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